The Day Is Here

My nephew, John Schwartz is getting married this Saturday, July 15, 2017. Last night I was thinking about this and what a brave act it is to commit to another person.

Here’s a song for the happy couple….



The Day Is Here
by Willy Grigg July 13, 2017

[G]The day is [C]here, [Am]you [D7]join tog[G]ether
with faith and [C] love, [Am]you [D7]hope for[G]ever
When you’re [C]out in the raging storm
You just [Eb]want to go someplace warm
The [G/D]kind of place[/D /D#] [E7] where everybody is [Am]nice to you [Am7/D] [D7]

[G]The day is here, we’ve come together
Reforming bonds, laugh and remember
And after the old ones are gone
We’re the ones who keep carrying on
The ones that have to keep this world together

The day is here, a day for dancing
And no one knows, what’s going to happen
But today, you’ve decided you’ll stand
As you bravely take one another’s hand
Ready to walk into tomorrow



A song for all the brave people!

This time of year there are so many nestlings heading out into the world. I wish them luck and exciting times!

Walking Off The Edge of The World by Willy Grigg 3/5/16

I [G]know how you like to [Am]explore,
It’s [D]hard walking by open [G] doors
You want exotic places / you [Am]want exotic faces
[D]Ones you [C]haven’t seen be[D]fore

Now you’re [G] going where you want to [Am] go
You’re [D] learning what you want to [G] know
You’re growing in a hurry, but you [Am] really got me worried
I [G] wish you could [C] just take it [D] slow

You’re [G] walking off the edge of the [Am] world
[D] Walking off the edge of the [G] world
You felt like you were wasting time, so you [Am] left it all behind
You’re [D] walking off the edge of the [G] world

You spent a lot of time back there
You’re certain that you weren’t treated fair
You’re headed for a foreign land
A place that you don’t understand
Away from the people who care

You’re walking off the edge of the world
Walking off the edge of the world
It’s hard to read a stranger / hard to recognize the danger
You’re walking off the edge of the world

And it’s [C]so [G]ex[C]ci[G]ting /[C] watching the [G]sun come [Em]up
On landscapes / [D7]you’ve never seen
All your [C]nerves [G]ig[C]ni[G]ting /[C] watching the [G] world fly [Em] by
No time to [D7] see what it means

A song for all the winners out there!

This song is about being competitive, ambitious, cutthroat.


You Want to Win by Willy Grigg – early May, 2016

Don’t throw no stones, brother
You’ve got your problems, too
You’re not so highly evolved
There’s a little violence in all you do

You want to fight, you want to brawl
You want to see the others crawl
But most of all – You Want to Win

You break the rules, you don’t play fair
Leavin’ lots of broken pieces everywhere
But you don’t care, You Want to Win

I know you think you’re great
And you were meant to rule
You know just who to hate
You’ve been to Hatred School

You want to live a life of ease
You’ll take it all, you won’t say please
Let the beggars freeze
You Want to Win

Three new recordings…

Hi Friends,

These are works in progress. These songs all feature the amazing Rod Meyer on drums – Thanks Rod!

Hopefully, there will be more polished versions posted soon. Let me know what you think… any ideas for finishing these?..

You’re Bad!

Monkeys Wearing Clothes

Nature of Things

You’re Bad!

This song is dedicated to my nephew, Will and my mother in law, Lila. Apparently, whenever Lila says no to Will, he replies with, “You’re bad!”. It is frustrating when people won’t let us have what we want.

I went a little overboard with the recording. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

You’re Bad! by Willy Grigg

I don’t want to take a nap, I’m not tired, let me go
I want to play, don’t make me stop
Don’t you tell me no, no, no

You’re bad, you’re bad, so bad I had to say it twice
You’re bad, you’re bad, and I don’t think you’re very nice

I want that candy, let me have it
Let me have that doughnut hole
I won’t wait ‘til after supper
Don’t you tell me no, no, no

I want to run, I want to jump
I want to dance a do-si-do
I want to yell and punch my brother
Don’t you tell me no, no, no


I wrote the lyrics while sitting in Christ Presbyterian Church near Greenville, NC, October 5, 2014.

Isn’t It Convenient?

Here’s a song for everyone with divine opinions.

The lyrics are below for those who like to sing along.

Isn’t It Convenient? by Willy Grigg 8/9/14-9/12/14

I love the Lord and He love me, we’ve got it all worked out
I’ve read his holy scriptures, I know what he’s about
His ways are not mysterious they’re there for all to see
And isn’t it convenient, God agrees with me

Everyone should have a gun, nobody’s taking mine
God only said “Thou shalt not” once and “kill” a dozen times
And “Turn the other cheek” – he meant that metaphorically
And isn’t it convenient, God agrees with me

There’s compassion in my heart / for any person who doesn’t agree
They’ll have time to think about it / while they  burn in hell / for all eternity

I believe each embryo has an eternal soul
We shouldn’t tamper with it, we should shun all birth control
A soul that’s born in darkness is one more he can set free
And isn’t it convenient, God agrees with me

I’ll believe what I believe don’t tell me otherwise
Your science-based reality is just a pack of lies
I take my orders from above, I hear them perfectly (or – they’re clear as clear can be)
And isn’t it convenient that God agrees with me

I Want To Be a Pirate

pirates_and_fsmWho doesn’t want to be a pirate?

I need to work on this recording – the vocal, ending, mix could all be better. But who knows when that’ll happen?








I Want To Be A Pirate by Willy Grigg 7/6/14

I want to be a pirate, and go out on the sea
And sail out to an island, and bring it to it’s knees
Terrorize the people / take everything we need
We’ll raise a pint to our friends
We’ll leave the others to bleed

I want to be a pirate, man, life would be a dream
I wouldn’t have a mortgage, or a nine-to-five routine
I wouldn’t take no lip from any beardless, little punk
I’d be fearless, I’d be reckless, I’d be dangerous and drunk

I want to be a pirate, I’d have a lot of fun
I’d answer any questions with my dagger and my gun
And never knowing when it’s gonna fade to black
If it’s a hangman’s noose or a knife in my back

I wanna be a pirate, sign me up I’m ready to play
I wanna be a pirate, pick me up and take me away

I wanna be a pirate, And sail into the deep abyss
I wanna be a pirate, Six men dancing on a dead man’s chest

I wanna be a pirate, Look out baby, cause here I come
I wanna be a pirate, Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum