Spring Has Sprung

This is a song I wrote with my wife, Jenny. She started the chorus, then I wrote the music and verses.

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Spring Has Sprung Lyrics

The Lyrics to Spring has Sprung by Jenny Kozel and Willy Grigg. Drawings by Jenny Kozel, Lucia and Gianna Grigg

Daddy Was a Lutheran

True Story. In 1958, 1959 when my Dad was dating my Mom, my Father’s Lutheran parents did not approve of him marrying a Catholic girl. Things were different, then. Thanks for standing up to them, Dad.

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Here’s the lyrics, with some of the chords…

Daddy was a Lutheran by Willy Grigg

Eldon thought Grace sure knew how to have fun
She had the sweetest smile and didn’t judge anyone
In his heart he knew she was the only one
He loved her warmth and kindness
The laughter in her voice
But if he wanted to keep her, he had to make a choice

[G]Daddy was a Lutheran, but he changed
He did it for my momma, who be[C]came his wife
[G]Daddy was a Lutheran, but he changed
He had to leave [D/F#]behind some [C/E]things he [G/D]loved to [C/D]start another [G]life

His [G]mom and dad said [C/G]“Eldon this ain’t right
You need to find somebody who be[C]lieves like us
Can’t you [Am]find a Lutheran [D]girl who’s [G]good enough?”
[Am]Think of what you’re [D7]doing
You’re [Am]under Grace’s [D7]spell
Don’t [Am]let her take your [D7]faith away
And [Am]drag you down to [D7]hell

He took a class in Catholic mysteries
He was converted, he was baptized by the parish priest
He married Grace, his new life had begun
But it made him kind of sad, his parents didn’t come