Jesus Loves You!

This is a song I wrote and recorded somewhere around 2002-2004. I’m posting it in response to a request from Kyle – thanks for asking!

This is my take on people who loudly proclaim themselves Christian and yet are mean and judgmental.

from Matthew 25
42 I was hungry but you would not feed me, thirsty but you would not give me a drink; 43 I was a stranger but you would not welcome me in your homes, naked but you would not clothe me; I was sick and in prison but you would not take care of me.’ 44 Then they will answer him, ‘When, Lord, did we ever see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and we would not help you?’ 45 The King will reply, ‘I tell you, whenever you refused to help one of these least important ones, you refused to help me.’

Jesus Loves You by Willy Grigg

[C]Jesus loves the Communists
[F]Jesus loves the [C]pacifists
He [F]even loves the [C]terr[C/B]or[A]ists
[D]Why [G7]don’t [C]you?

[C]Jesus loves the fags & dykes
[F]Jesus loves the [C]sodomites
He [F]cares about our [C]hu[C/B]man [A]rights
[D]why [G7]don’t [C]you?

[F]You’d put down without regret
[Fm]All those who might be a threat
[C]Anyone who hinders or frustrates you
[F]But Jesus said to turn your cheek
[Fm]Feed the poor, defend the weak
And [C]even love [A7]people who [D7]hate you [G7]

[C]Jesus loves the drunken boozers
[F]Jesus loves the [C]drug abusers
[F]He forgives the [C]fil[C/B]thy [A7]losers
[D]Why [G]don’t [C]you?

[C]You say that Jesus is your friend
[F]You say your soul is [C]in his hand
But, [F]he would never [C]kill [C/B]a [A]man

3 thoughts on “Jesus Loves You!

  1. I like this minimally processed vocal the most of the songs on here. The reverb is a bit much for my tastes on the other tunes. This on sounds like you, or at least like the Willy I remember… I also like the them of this one the most. Very Cool!

    • Thanks for the comment (and for listening). I’ll try listening to the other songs again. Maybe I should re-mix them. It’s good to get some feedback – especially from musicians. Glad you like the song.

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