Isn’t It Convenient?

Here’s a song for everyone with divine opinions.

The lyrics are below for those who like to sing along.

Isn’t It Convenient? by Willy Grigg 8/9/14-9/12/14

I love the Lord and He love me, we’ve got it all worked out
I’ve read his holy scriptures, I know what he’s about
His ways are not mysterious they’re there for all to see
And isn’t it convenient, God agrees with me

Everyone should have a gun, nobody’s taking mine
God only said “Thou shalt not” once and “kill” a dozen times
And “Turn the other cheek” – he meant that metaphorically
And isn’t it convenient, God agrees with me

There’s compassion in my heart / for any person who doesn’t agree
They’ll have time to think about it / while they  burn in hell / for all eternity

I believe each embryo has an eternal soul
We shouldn’t tamper with it, we should shun all birth control
A soul that’s born in darkness is one more he can set free
And isn’t it convenient, God agrees with me

I’ll believe what I believe don’t tell me otherwise
Your science-based reality is just a pack of lies
I take my orders from above, I hear them perfectly (or – they’re clear as clear can be)
And isn’t it convenient that God agrees with me

I Want To Be a Pirate

pirates_and_fsmWho doesn’t want to be a pirate?

I need to work on this recording – the vocal, ending, mix could all be better. But who knows when that’ll happen?








I Want To Be A Pirate by Willy Grigg 7/6/14

I want to be a pirate, and go out on the sea
And sail out to an island, and bring it to it’s knees
Terrorize the people / take everything we need
We’ll raise a pint to our friends
We’ll leave the others to bleed

I want to be a pirate, man, life would be a dream
I wouldn’t have a mortgage, or a nine-to-five routine
I wouldn’t take no lip from any beardless, little punk
I’d be fearless, I’d be reckless, I’d be dangerous and drunk

I want to be a pirate, I’d have a lot of fun
I’d answer any questions with my dagger and my gun
And never knowing when it’s gonna fade to black
If it’s a hangman’s noose or a knife in my back

I wanna be a pirate, sign me up I’m ready to play
I wanna be a pirate, pick me up and take me away

I wanna be a pirate, And sail into the deep abyss
I wanna be a pirate, Six men dancing on a dead man’s chest

I wanna be a pirate, Look out baby, cause here I come
I wanna be a pirate, Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum