You’re Bad!

This song is dedicated to my nephew, Will and my mother in law, Lila. Apparently, whenever Lila says no to Will, he replies with, “You’re bad!”. It is frustrating when people won’t let us have what we want.

I went a little overboard with the recording. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

You’re Bad! by Willy Grigg

I don’t want to take a nap, I’m not tired, let me go
I want to play, don’t make me stop
Don’t you tell me no, no, no

You’re bad, you’re bad, so bad I had to say it twice
You’re bad, you’re bad, and I don’t think you’re very nice

I want that candy, let me have it
Let me have that doughnut hole
I won’t wait ‘til after supper
Don’t you tell me no, no, no

I want to run, I want to jump
I want to dance a do-si-do
I want to yell and punch my brother
Don’t you tell me no, no, no


I wrote the lyrics while sitting in Christ Presbyterian Church near Greenville, NC, October 5, 2014.