A song for all the winners out there!

This song is about being competitive, ambitious, cutthroat.


You Want to Win by Willy Grigg – early May, 2016

Don’t throw no stones, brother
You’ve got your problems, too
You’re not so highly evolved
There’s a little violence in all you do

You want to fight, you want to brawl
You want to see the others crawl
But most of all – You Want to Win

You break the rules, you don’t play fair
Leavin’ lots of broken pieces everywhere
But you don’t care, You Want to Win

I know you think you’re great
And you were meant to rule
You know just who to hate
You’ve been to Hatred School

You want to live a life of ease
You’ll take it all, you won’t say please
Let the beggars freeze
You Want to Win