The Day Is Here

My nephew, John Schwartz is getting married this Saturday, July 15, 2017. Last night I was thinking about this and what a brave act it is to commit to another person.

Here’s a song for the happy couple….



The Day Is Here
by Willy Grigg July 13, 2017

[G]The day is [C]here, [Am]you [D7]join tog[G]ether
with faith and [C] love, [Am]you [D7]hope for[G]ever
When you’re [C]out in the raging storm
You just [Eb]want to go someplace warm
The [G/D]kind of place[/D /D#] [E7] where everybody is [Am]nice to you [Am7/D] [D7]

[G]The day is here, we’ve come together
Reforming bonds, laugh and remember
And after the old ones are gone
We’re the ones who keep carrying on
The ones that have to keep this world together

The day is here, a day for dancing
And no one knows, what’s going to happen
But today, you’ve decided you’ll stand
As you bravely take one another’s hand
Ready to walk into tomorrow