Sacred Beauty

I wrote this song 7/2/14, recorded it the morning of 7/3/14. I was thinking of the precious things that need to be protected. Sorry about the bad ending, I need to remix it and fade it out – I’ll try to get a new mix up sometime.


Sacred Beauty by Willy Grigg 7/2/14

[A] Sacred water / Sacred sky
Sacred [E] green things / Sacred [A] life
May all these things / Be [D] preserved
May you [A] care for them [E] like they’re your [A] own

[A] Sacred vision / Sacred dove
Sacred [E] body / Sacred [A] love
May all these things / Be [D] preserved
May you [A] care for them [E] like they’re your [A] own

[A] Sacred beauty / You know it was
Put into [E] your hands / As a Sacred [A] trust
May all these things / Be [D] preserved
May you [A] care for them [E] like they’re your [A] own


Don’t Love Me The Same

Here’s a new song I wrote and recorded 7/2/14. I was thinking about writing a John Jacobs Niles song. A sad, lonely, quivering, spooky folk song. I got this instead.

Loves Me The Same by Willy Grigg 7/2/14
|[Bm] [A/C#][D] | [D] |

I [A]gave my love a [D]locket, to [Bm] remind her what I [A] look like
And [E] I inscribed it [F#m] to her, in [A] case she forgets my [E]name
[E] I told her that I [F#m] loved her, like [A] grass, like wind, like [DMaj7]starlight

But [Bm] I don’t [A/C#] think my [D] love
[Bm] I don’t [A/C#] think my [D] love
[Bm] I don’t [A/C#] think my [D] love
Loves [E] me the [A] same

I [A]took my love a [D] walking, though she was [Bm]several feet in [A] front of me
She [E] couldn’t hear me [F#m] talking, I [A] don’t know who’s to [E] blame
I love her like a [F#m] drowning man, holding [A] on for all I’m [DMaj7] worth

But [Bm] I don’t [A/C#] think my [D] love
[Bm] I don’t [A/C#] think my [D] love
[Bm] I don’t [A/C#] think my [D] love
Loves [E] me the [A] same

If I Don’t Love You

If I Don’t Love You – by Willy Grigg 2/9/14

I know you must have some good points
Maybe you display them while I’m not around
All I see is expressed, is selfishness
And I’m so sorry if I don’t love you

I know some people think you’re alright
I’ve heard them say it, but I don’t know why
It’s a one way track, there’s no giving back
And I’m so sorry if I don’t love you

I’m glad that someone loves you
I’m glad there’s somebody who tries
They’ve learned to live with your rudeness
They’re a much better person than I

You’re just another living creature
Wanting love and comfort like all creatures do
If I act unkind, the fault’s all mine
And I’m so sorry if I don’t love you

Written and recorded February 9, 2014, finished June 1, 2014.



The Light

Yesterday,  I was fortunate to have an afternoon to work on music. I wrote and recorded this song.

Here’s the lyrics for those interested in that sort of thing…

The Light by Willy Grigg (1/26/2014)

We want to see the light
We’re searching for the light
But when we think we’ve found it
We’ve lost our sight
We want to see the light
We’re searching for the llight
It’s never quite as simple
As black and white

There’s those who think the light was lost
But left behind a glow
They think the truth is only found
In books from long ago
And some who think the light is found
In loving hearts and minds
They get a lift connecting with
Others of their kind

And light is found in beauty
Light is found in art
Light is found in literature
And written in your heart
Light is found in forests dark
A mountain’s bubbling stream
It’s there inside a grain of sand
And scattered in between



I Ate The Apple


I have problems with the Garden of Eden story in the Bible. Did God really want us to be stupid animals forever? I believe it is an allegorical tale meant to hammer home the idea that man must submit to God – one of the major themes of the Old Testament. As Kevin Costner’s character says in the movie “Bull Durham” – “Don’t think, meat!”. It also reflects a belief, common until recently, that there was a Golden Age – when life was easy and death and disease were unknown. In this story, the basis for the loss of Eden is the sinful, evil nature of man.

I’m glad Adam ate the apple. I think he was brave to value knowledge against ignorance and comfort. Here is my allegorical version of what I hope Adam was thinking as he left the Garden.

The recording here is a first draft. I hope to post an updated version soon.

[ca_audio url=”″ width=”500″ height=”27″ html5=”true” css_class=”codeart-google-mp3-player” autoplay=”false”]

As a footnote, here is a fragment of the Nag Hammadi version of the Garden of Eden story. It is from a Gnostic text called “The Testimony of Truth”. It was probably written in Egypt sometime between 100-400 ce. Some early Christians believed the Old Testament God to be a false God or Demon (see Bart Ehrman’s “Lost Christianities”).

It is written in the Law concerning this, when God gave a command to Adam, “From every tree you may eat, but from the tree which is in the midst of Paradise do not eat, for on the day that you eat from it, you will surely die.” But the serpent was wiser than all the animals that were in Paradise, and he persuaded Eve, saying, “On the day when you eat from the tree which is in the midst of Paradise, the eyes of your mind will be opened.” And Eve obeyed, and she stretched forth her hand; she took from the tree and ate; she also gave to her husband with her. And immediately they knew that they were naked, and they took some fig-leaves (and) put them on as girdles.

But God came at the time of evening, walking in the midst of Paradise. When Adam saw him, he hid himself. And he said, “Adam, where are you?” He answered (and) said, “I have come under the fig tree.” And at that very moment, God knew that he had eaten from the tree of which he had commanded him, “Do not eat of it.” And he said to him, “Who is it who has instructed you?” And Adam answered, “The woman whom you have given me.” And the woman said, “It is the serpent who instructed me.” And he (God) cursed the serpent, and called him “devil.” And he said, “Behold, Adam has become like one of us, knowing evil and good.” Then he said, “Let us cast him out of paradise, lest he take from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever.”

But what sort is this God? First he maliciously refused Adam from eating of the tree of knowledge, and, secondly, he said “Adam, where are you?” God does not have foreknowledge? Would he not know from the beginning? And afterwards, he said, “Let us cast him out of this place, lest he eat of the tree of life and live forever.” Surely, he has shown himself to be a malicious grudger! And what kind of God is this? For great is the blindness of those who read, and they did not know him. And he said, “I am the jealous God; I will bring the sins of the fathers upon the children until three (and) four generations.” And he said, “I will make their heart thick, and I will cause their mind to become blind, that they might not know nor comprehend the things that are said.” But these things he has said to those who believe in him and serve him!

By Request – Try Having Sex With Yourself

willyincup50Hello Friends,

I recently received a request for this song from a friend of mine. I wrote it sometime in the mid-1990s. I think the recording dates from 1997-1998. It was a song from my CD “Homemade Fun”. The artwork from the cover is shown to the right.

This somewhat satirical country song is my attempt at some useful advice for the lovelorn. The subject matter is adult, but no swear words were used in the making of this song.

I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends! Please make a comment if you do.

Don’t Treat Your Mother This Way

This song is about the way we humans treat the Earth. I wrote it while I was walking down to Hippie Hole to go swimming this summer. I was thinking how weird it is that we are so dedicated to, loving and worshipful of religious figures that are actually pretty abstract and unreal – yet we are so neglectful and abusive to the Earth which provides everything we have.

I was thinking that maybe the time has come for religion to be more Earth-centered and Life-centered, rather than Heaven-centered, and after-life centered.

I think the Earth is pretty darn fabulous.

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Spring Has Sprung

This is a song I wrote with my wife, Jenny. She started the chorus, then I wrote the music and verses.

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Spring Has Sprung Lyrics

The Lyrics to Spring has Sprung by Jenny Kozel and Willy Grigg. Drawings by Jenny Kozel, Lucia and Gianna Grigg